Giving voice to a brand new goal-setting app

Giving voice to a brand new goal-setting app

In an ever-expanding market of self-improvement apps, Lemon needed to stand out. Their goal-setting app allows people to set challenges for themselves and provides the tools and support to help achieve them – but how could we get people to sit up and take notice? We created a sharp tone of voice for the brand that could help them speak with determination, spirit, and a little bit of fun, and rolled it out across a singular brand line, website copy. And, of course, the app itself.

With our insider knowledge of the brand’s voice, it was a natural next step to translate the tone and copy across a number of other languages, resulting in robust but distinctive copy across markets, and enabling Lemon to launch with all the confidence of a firmly established brand.

If your new brand needs to find its voice, we can help.



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