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marketing translation

franklyfluent is a London-based creative translation agency that combines accuracy and creativity, offering translations that preserve all the nuance and precision intended in the original

we provide specialist linguistic services across hundreds of languages, adapted to your specific needs. our translators, copywriters, editors, and proofreaders are native marketing experts, because that's the only way to guarantee reliable and fluent results every time

what we do

we work with clients the world over to help their brands communicate fluently and with conviction in hundreds of languages every day. our services include translation, transcreation & creative copywriting from scratch. a brief for each job is tightly defined from the off to ensure your brand's tone of voice is perfectly encapsulated and expertly communicated

who we work with

we work with a range of advertising, marketing, and PR agencies, production houses, and in-house marketing teams on projects ranging from TVC script translations to global localisation and website copy, press releases, and long-form literature copy

fast marketing translation


working to your timeline, we have the resource to suit long- or short-term projects

reliable advertising translations


with proofreading built in, our results are always finished to a high standard

cost-effective marketing translations


not only is our work top-notch, our rates are highly competitive, too

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